Thursday, 23 August 2012

Comedy Sketch Show - "I'm Spazticus"

Have you been following the Channel 4 series of "I'm Spazticus"?

If you haven't then I'm sure you'll be able to download it on you-tube sooner or later. There has been some activity on Facebook & Twitter stating that it is either offensive or it's pure genius. For the benefit of those who haven't seen the programme, it's basically a sketch show with disabled actors/comedians taking impairments and disability as a whole and then gag after gag after gag! As usual, I'm not about to sit on the fence on this one - Yes, you're right...... I Love it!

There are those of you who may/will feel uncomfortable watching the show as you feel it allows the audience to laugh at disabled people. However, there are many counter-arguments to this point of view. Here's a couple to get the debate started.......

Firstly, I don't believe for one minute that people are laughing at disabled people.....each joke, each punchline, each sketch seemed to highlight society's reaction towards disabled people - "bring on the social model!!!" Secondly, we as disabled people seem to have finally come to terms with a fact made by the veteran comedian, Lenny Henry, a couple of decades ago......a person has no right to laugh at others until they have laughed at themselves! My personal opinion is that it is a sign of progress when such a show is on the air and already seems to have many fans.

If for whatever reason you are offended by the programme, then I don't really have any advice for you but to log-on to t'internet and book an aeroplane ticket back to the 20th century.

More programmes like "I'm Spazticus" please, as they very simply prove in the most light-hearted way possible -  Disability isn't funny, it's societies' stupidities that are now the joke!

Agree?         Don't Agree?         Amo is a joke?

Amo Raju
CEO - The Disability Syndicate

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