Friday, 15 June 2012

Wake-Up Bosses!!!

Apologies, I've not paid you much attention recently. Staff and some of you too advised that my blogs were no excuses...i've slapped my wrist.

Let the ranting re-commence.......................

Over the last month or so, I've been made aware of at least 3 organisations (obviously won't be saying who they are - as one of them were reported by their own staff!) where the hierarchy love & praise the work of The Disability Syndicate but their staff clearly demonstrate a contradictory approach. This poses a question or two, possibly three.....Do senior management receive a true report of what goes on at the front-line? Do front-line staff  feel comfortable (maybe too comfortable) with choosing who they wish to work with? Or more negativity towards another organisation a direct order from above?

This is where you'll be asking me "Amo, do you know what your staff are doing on the front-line?" Here, I can confidently say "pretty much so!". It's my job not only to make sure the pennies roll in but to keep in contact with my peers, my staff and more importantly the service users. I make it my job to talk to everyone and receive constant updates about "what's the word on the street?".

Back to that third question : I think we'll both agree on this.... As CEO if I say that staff will not be working with another organisation, then it's quite likely staff will comply with my request. If I was to do such a thing I think you as the community, the funder of The Disability Syndicate will be demanding my head on a stick at the front door...and quite rightly so.

As usual, by now you're saying..."get to the point Amo!".

My point : if you're the the gaffa of your organisation and you want to work with us....make sure your desire is  conveyed to the staff. If you're gaffa and don't want to work with us, be polite and let me know and i'll make sure staff here only continue to work with like-minded peer groups. If you can't control your staff....WE WILL..

Love & Kisses...

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